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The perfect mountain intelligent pv power plant

Located in Panzhihua Yanbian 30MW photovoltaic power plant is building in tension,Overall terrain northwest high,Southeast low,The west and south of the steep slope greater than 50 °. The project may be one of the toughest mountain far the building of photovoltaic power plants, mountain ground is not flat, assembly toward inconsistent shadow occlusion situation will affect power generation; project due to the limitation of mountain terrain, terrain, each PV array capacity vary widely, will inevitably arise overload situation underruns; pv inverter housing affect the duration of civil construction, reducing installation difficulty laying and communications equipment utilization and land fiber optic communications, etc., increasing the difficulty of the project construction .

pv power plant

pv power plant
The project adopts Huawei’s intelligent photovoltaic power plant solutions, greatly reducing the inclination due to differences in the components, the shadow blocking effect on generating capacity, light weight, small size and reduced transportation and installation difficulty, the successful resolution of these issues once again proved Huawei’s intelligent PV power plant solution is the best solution mountain photovoltaic power plants.